Phelsuma standingi- Standing's Day Gecko

Standing's Day Gecko is one of the larger species of Phelsuma, with an adult size similar to that of Grandis. They have slightly different needs from the other common Phelsuma species. Standingi prefer to be kept hotter than other Day Geckos, and drier as well.

Juveniles of this species are amazingly colored with beautiful, dark barring and purple undertones. Adults are more demure in their patterning, with a base color of a purplish- blue and faint spotting.

Phelsuma standingi   Phelsuma standingi
Male and female pair P. standingi    

Did you know...

that Day Geckos are able to be maintained on a diet similar to that of Rhacodactylus geckos? © 2007 Please do not use any images without owner's consent