Phelsuma madagascarensis grandis- Giant Day Gecko

AKA the Geico Gecko. Grandis, as they are commonly refered to in gecko owning circles, are the largest of the Day Gecko species. They make a good starter species for those looking to get in to the genus Phelsuma.

Grandis are known for their brilliant coloration and outgoing personalities. Many Grandis will learn to recognize their keepers and know when it is feeding time. Mine will all come out when it is time to eat, and several will eat right out of my hand. These are not a species to be handled, however, as they are fragile and flighty- the one pictured below was recaptured after escaping during her photo shoot.

Phelsuma madagascarensis grandis-female   Phelsuma madagascarensis grandis-female

Did you know...

that Day Geckos are able to be maintained on a diet similar to that of Rhacodactylus geckos? © 2007 Please do not use any images without owner's consent