Terms and Conditions

By purchasing an animal from me it is understood that you have read and agree to all of the Terms and Conditions on this page.


Payment may be made by either PayPal or USPS Postal Money Order. No other type of money order will be accepted. This is for both your protection and mine. Please send your USPS money order overnight with Delivery Confirmation. This will assure you that I have in fact received your payment, and will allow me to know that it is on the way. I will hold an animal for 24 hours while awaiting your money order, as long as you have provided me with a tracking number. In general I prefer payment via money order (some discounts may apply, please enquire).

I do not accept personal checks.

Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to pay with a credit card via PayPal.

Holds may be placed under the following terms:


1. A 25% deposit is due before the animal is considered on hold.

2. The remainder of the payment must be received within 48 hours, or the animal will no longer be considered on hold.

3. Deposits for animals on hold are not refundable, unless I am no longer able to provide the animal the deposit was placed on. No exceptions.

Payment plans are available for estabished customers, and only upon written agreement. Please contact me if you think you qualify and would like to discuss details further. No animals will be shipped until payment is made in full.


I guarantee live arrival on all animals shipped FedEx overnight to arrive by 10am the next day, as long as temperatures are between 40 and 90 degrees F. All live animal shipments MUST be signed for upon arrival. If you do not sign for your package, your live arrival guarantee is null and void.

I am more than happy to ship to your local FedEx distribution center where you can pick up your Cresteds. As long as they are signed for by 10 am your live arrival guarantee is valid. Having your animals shipped to your local distribution center will save them the stress of bouncing around on a truck for the morning.

I cannot be responsible for mail handling mistakes. By choosing to ship with FedEx I am doing my best to ensure the safe arrival of your new pets. However, I cannot be responsible for lost shipments.

Shipping is a flat fee of $45 for up to 10 juvenile Cresteds or 3 adults. In the winter I will provide an insulated box and heat pack for no additional charge. In the summer all shipments will be insulated and packed with a cool pack for the comfort of your geckos at no additional cost to you.

Once I have received your full payment I will contact you to schedule shipping. As a Veterinary student my schedule is variable, however, I will do my best to accomadate your availability. I do not ship out on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. This is for the safety of the animals that I am shipping. I do not want them stuck in a hub in their box for a weekend due to an unforeseen delay.

My goal is to get your new Cresteds to you as quickly and safely as possible.

Health and Live Arrival Guarantees

I guarantee live arrival on all animals that are shipped and signed for as listed above. If your animal is deceased upon arrival please place it in a cooled, insulated box and return it to me overnight mail (at your cost) immediately for a full necropsy. A full refund will be provided once I receive the return package.

I provide a 48 hour healthy animal guarantee period. Beyond this, I cannot guarantee animal health. I do promise that every animal I ship out will be in excellent condition upon leaving my house. If your gecko should die within the 48 hour period after signing for it, place the animal in a cooled, insulated box and return it to me immediately via overnight mail for necropsy at your expense. Should the necropsy prove that the animal died from causes other than what happened while it was in your care, I shall happily provide you a full refund.


I do my best to provide clear and accurate pictures of all of my animals, both breeders and available. If for some reason you should decide that the Crested that arrives at your doorstep is not what you want, I will be thrilled to take it back (at any time in its life). I will not pay for return shipping. However, you will not be provided with a refund, under any circumstances. Please make sure that the animal you order is in fact the one that you want and that you in fact are able and willing to care for your new gecko before you place your order.

I cannot guarantee color on any animal! If you ask me to I will attempt to give you my best guess as to what your animal shall mature into, but under no condition shall this be considered binding!

All animals offered for sale are unsexed unless otherwise explicitly stated. I make NO guarantees as to the sex of any Crested Gecko that is under 35 grams. Please do not ask me to do so. In certain cases I may be willing to make an educated guess as to the sex of an animal, but said guesses are in no way a guarantee.


Remember: All of my geckos are shipped FedEx overnight to arrive by 10am . You MUST be home and sign for your package when your gecko arrives!


Feel free to send me any questions or comments you have at genevieve@genevievesgeckos.com

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